Hello, we are Megan Wood and Melissa Raftery, co-owners and coffee roasters at 44 North Coffee based in Deer Isle, Maine.

We fondly look back on the first day we met our SCORE mentor, Don Mordecai. Our mentor kindly traveled to what was an empty room inside the former Deer Isle schoolhouse, but future home of the coffee roasting operation.  He sat down and listened to the vision and goals of the company, and then explained the useful tools for making steps towards those goals.

We agree, that the most useful tool our mentor provided is the cash flow excel spreadsheet.  We were able to plug in numbers and projections that would allow us to anticipate the slimmer times in our seasonal coastal Maine tourist industry. 

The entire way along, SCORE has been a sounding board for tracking our progress and direction.  We have worked with more than one dynamic counselor and would recommend this group to any aspiring new business, or, one already in existence and looking for future growth and direction.”

44 North Coffee